Babies In The Womb Are “Pre-Born”


Well-chosen words have power.


Consider how the pro-abortion advocates marketed and sold their endorsement of abortion.  It is not called pro-murder.  It is called pro-choice. They appealed to the culture’s mentality; a mentality that we had been exhibiting since the 1960s.  We live in a cafeteria culture.  Thus, the Madison Avenue advertising gurus cleverly chose “pro-choice” in promoting death, but also in concealing the truth; pro-murder.

Therefore, with the knowledge and scientific understanding that life begins at fertilization, and that we are living human beings in the womb, why don’t we all use the reference “preborn”? If we support life, and acknowledge that a child deserves our respect, support and protection while waiting comfortably in the womb until the birth process, why not give them the dignity they deserve and refer to them as preborn? Let’s proclaim life accurately. Because now that we know the truth, referring to them as anything less is not only unkind, it is also uninformed.

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