What the KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS has done worldwide:

1.  In 2017, donated more than 75.6 million volunteer hours.

2.  Gave charitable contributions of more than $185 million.

3.  Raised $4.2 million for disaster relief.

4.  Placed more than 950 ultrasound machines to encourage expecting mothers to choose Life for their child.

5.  Since 2014, committed more than $20 million to aid persecuted Christians and those in their care.

6.  Donated nearly $6 million dollars to Special Olympics and other similar programs in addition to 76,000 Knights giving more than 350,000 hours of their time at more than 12,500 events.

7.  Founded by a parish priest in the winter of 1882, the Knights of Columbus encourages young men to consider GodŐs call to service in the priesthood.

8.  100% of all donations go directly to the Knights of Columbus charities.  All fees and expenses associated with Knights of Columbus Charities, such operating and administration costs, are covered by the Knights of Columbus. Every penny you donate goes directly to charity.  Please consider a donation today by contacting a local Knight.


These achievements are not done by only a few men in big cities, rather by the collective efforts of almost 2 million Catholic men in our small parishes and communities. 


What your local KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS, Council 13314 (Rockwell, Rockford, Dougherty) Has done for the community since its Charter in 2003:

1.  Donated over 15,000 hours to charitable causes

2.  Given away over $40,000

3.  Promote the Catholic Faith in our actions, beliefs and by our examples


The local Knights are in our community, serving our community, living in our Community.  Please keep these men of the Knights of Columbus in your prayers that they may continue to serve this community, our priests and each other as God intended us to.

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Please have all info for bulletin in by next Tuesday noon, August 14, as we will be printing Wednesday morning.  Thanks!



Please remember one Our Father, one Hail Mary and one Glory Be for the intention of the legal protection of human life, on Friday.



If any small group would like to begin a Bible Study, Fr. Brunkan or Deacon Matt Miller would be happy to help you get started.


Floyd Co Housing Trust Fund furnace replacement program is now accepting applications.

See Bulletin Board for guidelines.


WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER is a weekend to rediscover the spark that was there on your wedding day. Take time to rediscover the best friend you had when you were first married. Join the millions of couples worldwide who have learned how to keep their marriage vibrant and alive by signing up today to attend one of the upcoming Weekends on Sept. 7-9 Cedar Falls, Oct. 19-21 Marathon, WI, Nov. 2-4 Coralville.

Early registration is highly recommended.

For more information visit our

website at: to or call 563-608- 3305 or email:


Patriotic and Gospel Music for the Whole Family

The River City Chorus Fall Show

ŇGod Bless AmericaÓ

Will be held Sunday, September 30, 2018

at 2:00 p.m. at the Cedar River Complex in Osage, IA

Our Special Guests are the Randy Aalderks Family Singers.

Early tickets are $10 or $5 (Students & Children)

Please ask any Chorus Member or visit

We will see you there!

Dennis Staudt & Steve Bodensteiner are members of the chorus and are participating in this show.



































































Do We Have to GO to Church?


Sometimes itŐs hard to sit still and keep quiet in church. We want to be at home playing with toys or watching our favorite show. But just like we take time to visit our family, God wants us to visit Him, too!


At the Last Supper, Jesus asked the disciples to continue gathering together in His name. So each week we gather with our church family to pray, listen to GodŐs word, and give thanks to Jesus, together.


Going to Mass reminds us that we are not alone but part of something greater, the Body of Christ! How cool!


Love for the Unborn

and Our Eternal Reward


In Luke Chapter 14:12-14, Jesus tells us that the good we do for those who cannot repay us in this world is the most beneficial, because He assures us that we will "be repaid in the resurrection of the just".


Congressman Henry Hyde, one of the greatest pro-life advocates ever to serve in Congress, expressed this idea when he said: "When the time comes, as it surely will, when we face the awesome moment, the final judgment ...... those in the pro-life movement will not be alone. I think there'll be a chorus of voices that have never been heard in this world, but are heard beautifully and clearly in the next world ...and they will plead for everyone who has been in this movement. They will say to God, "Spare him, because he loved us".


The unborn are even less able to repay us than the beggars and the crippled and the lame and the blind (to whom Jesus referred). At least, these poor people know that we love them and are able to say "Thank you".


The child in the mother's womb not only has no voice whatsoever, but cannot even tell you "Thank you", indeed, love and action for the unborn is the most selfless form of love. In this world, nothing comes from them in return.



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