Witnessing to the Sanctity of Human Life:

The Example of Jerome Lejeune, M.D.


In 1959 Lejeune discovered the cause of Down’s Syndrome.        


He committed himself to the pro-life cause when he discovered that children with Down’s Syndrome were being aborted in ever greater numbers.


In 1991, he wrote a summary of his reflections on medical ethics:


1). Christians, be not afraid. It is you who possess the truth.  Not that you invented it but because you are the vehicle for it.   To all doctors, you must repeat: "you must conquer the illness, not attack the patient."


2). We are made in the image of God. For this reason alone all human beings must be respected.


3). Abortion and infanticide are unspeakable crimes.        


4). Objective morality exists.   It is clear and it is universal.


5). In so-called pluralistic societies, they shout it down our throats: "You Christians do not have the right to impose your morality on others."   Well, I tell you, not only do you have the right to try to incorporate your morality in the law but it is your democratic duty.


In 1993, Blessed Pope John Paul, his close friend, appointed Lejeune as the first president of the Pontifical Academy for Life.        


French bishops have introduced his cause for canonization.


By Pro-Life Articles Author