MON.  Feb.  12,   7:00 p.m.    CDA

TUES. Feb.  13,   7:30 a.m.    James Nixt



Feb.   14,   7:30 a.m.    Special Intention

            LECTOR:  Please volunteer

            ASH/COMM DISTRS: Please Volunteer

Feb.   14,   6:40 p.m.    Inez Marzen

            LECTORS:  Philip McPherson, Beau                            Thompson, Jacob Staudt & Nick Heuer

            COMM. MINS:  Dawson Schmitt, Sarah                       Goodrich, Kaleb Ott & Mackenzie Staudt

            GIFTS: Thomas Anderson, Karter Junker

                                                & Bailey Weiss

            SERVERS:  Cassidy Staudt, Carter Leerhoff                                          & Zachary McPherson

            DISTRIBUTE ASHES:  Sarah Goodrich,  

                        Dawson Schmitt, MacKenzie Staudt                       & Brandon Trees

            ORGANIST:  Janis Cramer

            SONG LEADER:  Brenda Ballard


THU.   Feb.  15,   7:30 a.m.    Gary Smith

FRI.     Feb.  16,   7:30 a.m.    Richard Merfeld


FRI.     Feb.  16,   3:00 p.m.     ADORATION


FRI.     Feb.  16,  5:30 p.m.  Stations of the Cross &                                                                   Communion


SUN.   Feb.   18, 10:00 a.m.    Eula Mehmen

LECTOR:          Michele Anderson

COMM. MIN:    Connie Poe

GIFTS:             Craig & Janis Cramer

SERVERS:        Elizabeth McPherson

                        Peter & Henry Miller

USHERS:          Dan Castle, Pat Derdzinski,

                        Paul Luebbers & Ed Smith

GREETERS:      Dale & Pat Mennenga

                        Sandy Rinken

MUSIC:                        Kirk & MaTina Clark Family

ROSARY:         Please Volunteer

SACRISTANS:  Connie Poe/Mary Derdzinski

MONEY COUNTERS: Sharon Wunsch/Mary Smith




I’m recovering well from my heart surgery. I want to THANK my Church Family for their cards and prayers. Hope to be back at church soon.     Marcy


ST. JUDE CIRCLE will be serving

beverages/rolls/donuts after Mass TODAY, Sunday,

February 11, compliments of St. Mary Guild.

Everyone is welcome!


CATHOLIC DAUGHTERS will have 7:00 p.m. Mass in the Chapel followed by a meeting on Monday, February 12.  The program is compression CPR.  Come learn how to save a life!  All women 18 years and older are welcome and invited to attend.  Serving committee is Mary Derdzinski, Mary Junker, and Stacey Leerhoff.  We will also set up the stage for our silent auction of baskets to begin February 16 during Lenten Fish Fries.  Baskets/grab bag trinkets/or anything else for the fundraiser can be brought to the meeting or dropped off during the week to the stage.


The CATHOLIC DAUGHTERS would like to support

our area FOOD BANK and are asking for your help.

February will be paper towels & dish soap.



BUDGET….. $ 1508.75      CATHOLIC CHARITIES…$361.50



on Sunday, February 18.


SCOUT SUNDAY   February 25

More details to come.

This includes:  Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts


Your prayers are requested for the active military members that graduated from North Butler or Greene High School, especially if they have been deployed or are about to be deployed.  If you wish to send care packages it is recommended that you give items or money to the parents who will send the packages. The present list includes:

Seth Poe, Shawn Leavens, Matt Ulrichs, David White, Chelsea (Zweck) Apel, Tony Albrecht, Evan Godderz, Shane Schroeder, Matt Heeren, Cody Codner, Dylan Fehlberg, Randy Wildeboer, Paxton Hinders, Alan Peter, Rachelle Davis, Lloyd Davis, Dylan Dietz & Todd Dolan.


Make the story public! Tell the world what Jesus has done for you. Consider a life of preaching, teaching, and service as a priest or deacon, sister or brother. (Mark 1:40-45)