MON.  Aug.   13,  5:30 p.m.     Carol Landers

TUES. Aug.   14,  7:30 a.m.     Sue Smid

WED.  Aug.  15,   7:30 a.m.     ASSUMPTION

                                    Special Intention (MS)

THU.   Aug.  16,   7:30 a.m.    Wm. Harris Family

FRI.    Aug.  17,   7:30 a.m.     Richard Merfeld


FRI.    Aug.  17,   3:00 p.m.     ADORATION


SUN.   Aug.  12,  10:00 a.m.  Rosie Trees

LECTOR:          Terry Thomason

COMM. MINS:  Mary Derdzinski,

                        Terry & Ann Thomason

GIFTS:             Dan & Terri Castle

SERVERS:        Haley Rinken,

                         Zachary McPherson & Luke Goodrich

USHERS:          Jim Nixt, Mike Nixt,

                        Terry Thomason & Todd Thompson

GREETERS:      Marcella Leerhoff

                        Connie Litterer

ROSARY:         Nancy Fiddick

ORGANIST:      Janis Cramer

SONG LEADERS:  Gansens        

SACRISTANS: Connie Poe/Mary Derdzinski

MONEY COUNTERS: Rita Merfeld/Brenda Ballard


Please remember Rosie Trees in your prayers.

Her funeral was Wednesday. Also, please remember

Norma Ewald, mother of Vicki Majewski,

whose funeral will be Monday.


Thank you to everyone from St. Mary Parish who helped in any way with our 2018 Community Vacation Bible School.  We had about 95 students this year.  Those helping from our parish were:  Rose Chambers, Mary Lou Ott, Cassidy Staudt, Heather Shook, Dawson Clark, Karter Junker, Clay Shultz, Alex Shultz, Grant Shultz, Klayton Adams-Blackdeer, Addyson Clark, Kathi Stuntz, Diane Ramker, Averianna Ramker, Ashlyn Ramker, Lily Wedeking, Adalee Ramker, Andrea Ramker, Jeana Nichols, Melissa Wunsch, Terri Castle, Alexis Brinkman, Erika Brinkman, Liz Brinkman.  We could not have done it without you!  Thank you!! 

A special thanks to those that donated and served the Monday night meal!           VBS Committee – MaTina Clark,                                               Heather Shook, and Janice Shultz




Since so many have gone to using only cell phones, we would like to update our records. Would you please call/email Church Office ( 641-823-4145) or Audrey @ 641-816-5534

or your circle chair by August 1.



will be Wednesday, August 22.


ST. MARY FALL FESTIVAL RAFFLE TICKETS are now available. They may be picked up before and after Mass on Sundays, the Parking Lot Entrance any weekday, Smith’s Etc. or Rhonda Pyatt, Lincoln Savings Bank.


Please turn in your RAFFLE ITEM DONATIONS to Audrey Smith at Smith’s Etc., Rhonda Pyatt at Lincoln Savings Bank or the church. Our downtown display goes up the middle of August. Thank you!


CDA would like to support our area FOOD BANK

and are asking for your help. August is

Spaghetti Noodles & Spaghetti Sauce.


Your prayers are requested for the active military members

that graduated from North Butler or Greene High School, especially if they have been deployed or are about to be deployed.  If you wish to send care packages it is recommended that you give items or money to the parents who will send the packages. The present list includes:

Seth Poe, Shawn Leavens, Matt Ulrichs, David White, Chelsea (Zweck) Apel, Tony Albrecht, Evan Godderz, Shane Schroeder, Matt Heeren, Cody Codner, Dylan Fehlberg, Randy Wildeboer, Paxton Hinders, Alan Peter, Rachelle Davis, Lloyd Davis, Dylan Dietz, Todd Dolan & Kaylie Fox.



BUDGET….. $1794.25    OFFERTORY…..$164.00    


Jesus is the bread of life.  Our world still hungers.

Who will feed the multitude?

Consider a life of ministry

or encourage others to do so.

(John 6:41-51)

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